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Drabbles by Rynne

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Hi there, I'm Rynne (rynne). I decided to create this community to store my drabbles, since even though I usually post my fanfic to my personal journal, I don't particularly care to post my drabbles there, as they're only 100 words. Often I will post them in sets (usually of five or ten drabbles each).

These drabbles will be written in various fandoms. The original drabbles, the ones that inspired me to create this community, are Star Wars/Star Wars EU, but I anticipate other fandoms including Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings, Final Fantasy (various), Legend of Zelda, and possibly more. Characters and pairings will also vary.

Anyone is welcome to join and watch the community, but I'm the only one allowed to post. Nothing will be locked, not even adult drabbles.